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  1. Weird and wonderful bookshops

    I have visited many old book shops in Europe. This was the most beautiful one. If I ever could have a room like that! Libreria Bardon - Plaza San Martín, 3, 28013 Madrid, Spain
  2. Hi all, My name is Rob from the Netherlands. I am a collector of antique books before 1750 AD that are mainly printed in Antwerp. I'm also interested in old books that were made or repaired with medieval handwritten parchment. I really would like to chat with others that are interested in old books! Are there more antique book collectors here? Is there a part on this forum for older books? Maybe I can help others to get started with collecting old books or do appraisals of books before 1700. Brevary - Antwerp 1569 Historia Episcopatuum foederati Belgii - Antwerp 1733 Different recycled medieval parchment
  3. Which country are you from?

    I'm from the Netherlands.