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What's for Dinner?

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A ton of salt accidentally poured out of the shaker into my mom's homemade chicken noodle soup :( I had eggs over medium and toast :P


Edit: my 4,300th post!

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We went out for lunch yesterday - I had a vegetable curry with rice and some pineapple coleslaw, followed by chocolate roulade with cream while Coran had a cheese and leek bake with mustard seeds with beetroot and apple salad and pineapple coleslaw followed by apple cake with cream. I don't know about Coran's but mine was yummy.  

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Chicken and rice....."again"? :P

You noticed :D 


Eggs on toast!  Makes a change :D 

When Al's not at home (half of the week,) I don't have big dinners or even proper dinners. My heart's just not in it plus I try to claw back some of the calories that I consume when he is here because he is on the munch 24/7 .. or at least every waking hour and it's terribly tempting :blush2:  

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Takeaway tonight as neither of us feel like cooking.  We don't do it often, maybe once or twice a month at the most, so it's a bit of a treat. :)

What are you going to "Takeaway". :)


Tonight we are having pasta and a bottle of Spanish Rioja.

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Today I am going to cook my kid's favorite dish called Marinated Tuna Steak. Honestly, kinda nervous because this is my first
cooking without wife experience. But what I like about it, is the fact that we have a multikitchen, Remember the first day of using it, it was a mess! We have cooked everything
that we could make with the ingredients we had in the house lol;) So, want to advise you guys to try it cuz cooking since becomes really fun! :)))

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