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'Daniel Isnt Talking' By Marti Leimbach


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This is my first post as I am new! I cannot find any reviews on this book (or similar types) so I figured there was a gap in the market with expertise.


This book is about a mother who has an autisitic child and the difficulties she faces. I know..... same story, all the fiction books on autism follow the same line but this one is fantastic. It is the best book I have read (and that is many many) that details the 'symptoms' of autism in young children with such confidence.

I am also chuffed with the therapy this book follows. 'Play Therapy' is controversial and not many people know about it. The book clearly displays the reluctance of the NHS to embrace such therapies yet this book brilliantly displays why it is the way forward. It is a bit vague in displaying the benefits of this therapy but it puts forward the premis of the therapy in an massively entertaining way.


This book is a fantastic read even if you do not have any interest in autism as the story line is generally enjoyable, but it is one of the best generaly interest books for autism that I have read in a long time. Definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoys books along the lines of 'Jodi Piccoult' etc.

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