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The Waves


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This came No# 16 in the BBC's 100 greatest British novels poll in 2016. It was the only book in the top 20 I had not read. It is as bad as I feared. An example of the writing style:


'I see the beetle,' said Susan. 'It is black, I see; it is green, I see; I am tied down with single words. But you wander off; you slip away; you rise up higher, with words and words in phrases.'


I have another 157 pages of this.

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I have reached page 71. I would have a hard time telling you what it is about. There's a Bernard and a Louis and a Neville and a Jinny and a Susan. There are probably some I missed out. I think they were at school but now they have left. They seem a bit older than they were.

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Mrs Dalloway was a stream of consciousness book. There was much head hopping from one character to another, but it all took place in one day.

To the Lighthouse was about a family and some friends who go to a house for a holiday and again after the war. 

The Waves is a head hopping book like Mrs Dalloway only not as frequent, and it is also a passage of time book like To the Lighthouse.


That insight has got to be worth at least a C+ 



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