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Christmas Reads/Books


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I've got lined up:


The Christmas Party - Karen Swan

The Christmas Railway Mystery - Edward Marson

12 Strange Days of Christmas - Syd Moore

The Christmas Egg Mystery - British Library, can't remember the author!:wibbly:

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I really need to stop buying new books before I've read the ones I have, but I'm very tempted to buy The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale to read in December.

I have got a book of Dickens' Christmas Stories to read too. Some of the stories will be re-reads but I'm pretty sure there's some I've never read before in there.

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Who else was given books for Christmas?  :guess:


Nobody bought me any!  So I treated myself to Hercule Poirot's collected short stories by Agatha Christie.  It's MASSIVE.  A proper door-stop.  I think it'll be a book I keep alongside whatever else I'm currently reading, and dip in and out of.


I don't have any shelf space left either!  Being a bookworm is problematical.

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