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'The Gardener' by Prue Leith


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Another Transita publication ticked off the list. It seems these books are taking over my reading pile at the moment. Yet another :lol: bookring :D from Bookcrossing.


Prue Leith is better known for her culinary skills but found her knowledge on gardens made it a pleasant, easily read book. Lotte is coming to terms with a painful divorce and takes on a career change in restoring the gardens of the past at Maddon Park. There are two men in her life, which one will she choose? Also has to take her children into consideration in the senario. Description of the gardens etc. were a delight. Would be lovely to see it is all its glory. Characters were likeable but Amber...aahhhh, how I did want to slap her on occasions...lol. It wasn't all plain sailing and as we know life isn't like that. Glad Lotte saw sense in the end and made the right decisions for her, her family and the main character of the book, Maddon Park. It could so easily have all gone wrong. It does make you appreciate all these gardens/estates that have been around for centuries and the work put into them for us all to enjoy. Will look at them in a more appreciative manner next time I visit somewhere like Maddon.


Reminicent of 'The Scent of Water' (also by Transita) in the sense it being about gardens, but a different storyline.

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