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[Closed] Win A £20 Book Token - BCF Photo Competition!

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Congrats Gaia!  :smile:


I loved your photo, although there was that small voice in my head that kept whispering to me "..but....but....but..she's sitting on the books!"  :giggle2:  :P

Thanks Chrissy :)! I was very careful and can assure you that no books were harmed :). I wouldn't want to do that! *goes to hug her beloved books*


Congratulations to Gaia and the book throne!! :D

Thank you, Laura :D!


Congrats everyone. :) What a good-looking bunch of forum members (and pets) we have. :D

Thanks, Kylie :)!

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Well done Gaia, i loved your pic, and the patience required to create it! :)


Thanks everyone for your Obi and Jojo votes, Obi is humbled, Jojo is chasing her tail! :D


Thank you :)! Awww so cute :wub:.


Well done Gaia.  :)

Thanks, Janet :)!

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