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[Closed] Win A £20 Book Token - BCF Photo Competition!

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Fancy £20 (or equivalent) to spend on books? Or maybe a new set of bookmarks? Of course you do!


In honour of our birthday month, we are holding a BCF photo competition throughout July! All you have to do is post a photo of you reading in an unusual place. This could be anywhere – in the garden shed, in the bathroom, outside on a rainy day, up a tree, in front of a famous landmark, sitting in a very awkward or silly position on the couch – anything you can think of. What we’re looking for is creativity and fun!


1st Place Prize:

The prize will be a book token to the value of £20 for a UK winner, €30 for a Euro winner, or $35 for a US winner.  These values are based on the closest available values determined by the current exchange rate.

Details: For the UK, the book token will be a National Book Token, accepted in many popular bookstores and also used for purchase of ebooks/online. For the US and Europe, I will consult with the winner to find a local equivalent.  


2nd Place Prize:

A set of bookmarks. Yup, that’s all I’m saying. Am I being mysterious? Or have I just not picked any out yet? Who knows! :lol:



  1. Who? The photo must be of either you, or a stand-in, reading a book, magazine, newspaper, E-reader, or anything that can be read. If the photo is of yourself, you needn’t include your face. If you do not wish to be in the photo yourself, you can use a stand-in, such as a friend or family member. Alternatively, you can use a plush toy, a doll, the family pet - as long as it can look like it's reading!
  2. Where? The photo must be taken in a clear location – this is the primary focus of the photo. In other words, no close-up selfies!
  3. What? The photo does not have to be a work of art or particularly high quality, once it is clear. Photos taken on a decent camera phone are completely acceptable.
  4. You may submit only ONE entry, so everyone has an equal shot at winning. If you post a photo, and later wish to change it, you can - whatever entry you have posted as of 31st of July will be accepted as your final entry.
  5. This competition is open internationally, to members all over the world.
  6. Members must have a minimum of 50 posts on the forum in order to enter.
  7. Mods and admins are allowed to enter.
  8. Family-friendly images only, please!

How To Submit Your Entry:

Simply post your photo in this thread before the deadline. That's all there is to it!



You must submit your entry by July 31st 2015.


Judging will be done Eurovision style - anyone who enters will be asked to pick their favourite (excluding their own!) and privately PM their vote to me. I'll tally them up, and the one with the most votes, wins. Second most votes gets second place. If you don't enter, you don't get to vote, so just another reason to get involved!


Happy snapping everyone - and have fun!



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Janet that's fab, such a grand setting haha! Love it! And nope, kindles totally do not disqualify anyone. Doesn't even have to be a book! I'll amend the rules to include that now, actually.

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Thanks muggle not. :smile:  I am reading The Stone Book Quartet by Alan Garner, which is comprised of four stories depicting a day in the life of 4 generations of the same family. The writing is wonderful, and the first one completed was magical. My reading mojo slipped away for a day or two, and this is what I was pulled toward when it half returned.  :readingtwo:

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Here's my entry:



I was totally just thinking of building a book throne in the garden tomorrow to take a pic, and here you are you've already done the book throne idea!!! Excellent pic! I shall have to go back to the drawing board... ;)

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These pictures are great guys! I'm going to rope the husband into taking one of me soon, just for fun. :D


Go for it - and it's not just for the fun, you might win £20 to spend on books! :D

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Now that is my kind of throne! Brilliant Gaia!  :D


Thanks, Chrissy :D!


Hahaha absolutely fantastic Gaia, I love it!


Keep em coming people!

Thanks, Noll :D!


It's supposed to be an unusual situation, Athena!

Thank you! 


Brilliant Gaia! :D

Thanks, Chalie :D


I was totally just thinking of building a book throne in the garden tomorrow to take a pic, and here you are you've already done the book throne idea!!! Excellent pic! I shall have to go back to the drawing board... ;)

Thanks! Awww, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take the wind out of your sails :(. I hope you can come up with something nice :).

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Definitely won't win any prizes if you don't enter! :lol:


Alright then, here's mine . . . :lol:






This was the 'practice run' picture (hence the pyjamas and stupid expression), but since I kept telling my husband off for taking rubbish pictures he's refusing to do any more. :giggle2:

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