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How To Connect With Nature - Tristan Gooley / Works relating to the natural world?

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I spend most weekends out of doors – walking and climbing all across the Cairngorms National Park. My love of the outdoors influences my reading – without question. Amongst the Behemoths of the Robert Macfarlane trilogy, Waterlog by Roger Deakin, The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram (Thank you, Camilla) and others on my bookshelf, real and virtual, now sits a little gem of a book I recently found in Waterstones in Aberdeen.


It’s not big, it’s not bold, and it probably gets elbowed by the others on my shelf when I am not looking, but it is a beautiful read. It’s ‘How to Connect with Nature’ by Tristan Gooley, published by Macmillan and part of The School of Life series of books. For me the beauty of this book is that it reaches back from the wild open spaces to the urban, even indoors to awaken a sense of the natural world. It invites you to connect in ways you may not have thought of. Well worth a look.


Works relating to the natural world, to the outdoors; any further recommendations? 

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I have ordered Sea Room today. I look forward to it immensely. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Claire. Findings by Kathleen Jamie will always be a very special book for me. I do feel that the enjoyment of a very good work on the natural world is often as rewarding as time actually spent outdoors. Both bring to mind TS Eliot's lines from "Little Gidding" - The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

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