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SF Recommendations please..

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Hmm.. a murderous grudge? Was there more to it than that? :)


I've bought the first McCaffrey dragon book, as I don't mind a bit of fantasy, and The Ship Who Sang is on the wish list. A reviewer described Restoree as 'chick lit in space' which wouldn't be my thing. Is that fair?

The Blue World might be worth a look, I've certainly heard the author mentioned a lot. 

The Margarets also looks intriguing.. but why so many feminist recommendations for me? Do I give off feminist vibes or something? hehe :)


Well I just bought those up because those authors had aleady been mentioned and they jogged my memory....to be honest it's a very long time since I read Restoree but the premise it is based on (why she is a restoree and what it means-I don't want to give it away) really caught my imagination when I was a kid. It's not anymore chick-litty than say, Hunger Games.


to the Jack Vance, I would add To Live Forever (aka Clarges)

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