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If I liked this..what would you suggest?

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Sometimes I really enjoy a book by an author, and often a not very prolific author, and wonder what else I could read that would appeal in the same way so I thought I would start a thread to that effect, I can't remember seeing another like it but mods feel free to remove if so..


For example a while ago Diane said how much she liked Diane Chamberlain's books so I recommended Kristin Hannah to her which she really enjoyed.. job done!


So I will start off by saying how much I enjoyed Ken Grimwood's 'Replay', not a book I would have ever tried if it wasn't for Steve and Janet singing it's praises.. so I'm wondering what else might appeal if I liked that book????


:smile:  :readingtwo:  :smile: 

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Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum. I've only recently got into reading fiction, and I'm jealous of the years that I've missed out! Anyway, I've just read Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. I loved being transported to the arctic while reading it; in fact it's made me want to plan a visit to Longyearbyen in Svalbard. I also loved the eerie tone of it and the ghost story aspect.

I thought I'd love fantasy and science fiction, but every time I've tried to get into a fantasy book, I've always got bored or given up. With Dark Matter however, I found myself unable to put the book down and I think it's because of its realistic story, as well as the wonderful scenery in which the story takes place.

Based on the fact that I like Dark Matter, are there any other book suggestions that anyone has?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Xagan :)

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For Bookmonkey,  I have also just thought of two novels by Mary Lawson which have similar themes to Maeve Binchy,- love, sacrifice and coming to terms with guilt. Both are beautifully written.

Crow Lake

The other side of the bridge.

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i really like Maggie O'Farrell. Can anyone recommend another author like her? Really good characters and a strong emotional content?


I really like Maggie O'Farrell as well. Do you know she has a new book coming out in May?


As for authors like her....I'm not sure as she is so unique! Maybe Kate Morton or Diane Setterfield?

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I think Ann Granger and Elizabeth George have a similar style to P.D. James.


I'm looking for crime novels with a virtual reality theme. Going Sci-Fi is fine too. I liked Lock in by Scalzi a lot and am looking for something like that.


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Ready Player One was very good. Not a lot of crime, but plenty of VR.

I'm looking for a sci-fi as well. I really enjoyed the Ender's Game series, and similar books. (Seeds of Earth etc)

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