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A bull was born there.

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John B. Keane, one of the great Irish playwrights in my humble opinion, lived and wrote prolifically in Listowel, County Kerry for close on 50 years. Inspiration for some of his most memorable characters, Bull McCabe amongst others, came to him within the confines of his public house as he chatted for hours on end with colourful locals. He put most of his work down in a room above the public house, a place which continues to carry his name above the door today.

When I can get back to Ireland, I always try to find the time to drive to Listowel and spend a leisurely hour at John B Keane’s when I get there. Having read a lot of his work, it is quite something to do.

Are there or have there been any opportunities for others on the forum, now or in the past, to do something similar, to visit somewhere associated to someone whose work they admire? I would be interested to know?


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Related to the above, a further question.


Has anyone been to the Charles Dickens Museum in London? How was it? I hope to have the opportunity in a month or two.....

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I used to live in Yorkshire - the Brontes' parsonage in Haworth is a wonderful place to visit. Although, I think I felt closer to Emily and her characters when I was roaming on the moors.

Enjoy Listowel. I haven't been to the Dickens museum but I'd like to one day. Maybe when I've read more Dickens. I've read The Old Curiosity Shop and Great Expectations and I loved them both.


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