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  1. Hi there! April seems to be a good month for reading :biggrin: Just finished Goethe's The elective affinities and The loser, which is a novel by Thomas Bernhard centered on a fictional relationship between pianist Glenn Gould and two of his fellow students. I didn't enjoy the former so much, but really loved the latter. (And once again, sorry for my poor English)

  2. Hi there! :006:

    My book club is going to have a special event in a couple of months: we will celebrate the end of our "bookish season" with a dinner based on books we've read so far.

    Being italian, we have plenty of italian fiction books with delicious recipies in them.. food becomes a sort of "character". :snack:

    So, I was wondering.... have you ever read novels where dishes or recipes were described? Is food important in non italian fiction too?

  3. Hi there! :006:


    I've had such a busy time.. but I never quit reading. I read the complete Outlander series, written by Diana Gabaldon and I re-read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. For my book club I have to to start The Count of Montecristo.. but it's too hot for a book like this at the moment! :blush2:

  4. Hi there!!

    My best friend gave me a 50 euro Amazon gift card, and I spent it all in e-books :D

    I'm reading a very interesting book, which I highly recommend: Confessions by the japanese writer Kanae Minato. Basically, a story of revenge.

    And..  I add to my wishlist almost every book you all list here :giggle:

  5. I've been a little busy but I menaged to read a few good books this month, like Collected novels of Maeve Brennan and The Goldfinch, Donna Tarrt.

    Now I have to read some YA books (Chambers, Shustermann, Collins.. ) because I will do a sort of lecture on YA literature next month.. I'm so excited about it   :hyper: 

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