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    About to start a new book from the Dark Hunter series
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    Reading, music, watching as many movies as I can in one sitting! I love the idea of moving to the USA and settling in a small town and just living my life with my boyfriend, pretending we are in a TV show. haha.

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  1. I've been MIA for about a week, I'll reappear soonish, just trying to sort through stuff. How has this month gone So fast?!

  2. ooh there's someone even better than edward! haha. Yeah, Damon from VD would be a good dimitri, someone buff!
  3. I watched Super, which is a superhero kind of film with Rainn wilson and ellen page. I have to say it was good, but SO strange - and quite sad. But a worthy watch if you like mental humour and graphic violence!
  4. I love the mystery, haha. I have tried to no avail. Not even a mention of it as a prop... I give up! hehe.
  5. Yes! it was crazy, but good in a mental way! the end was hilariously good!
  6. I really want to see The Help. I didn't know Doubt was a play/book, but I really enjoyed the film!
  7. I just ate an entire bag of salted popcorn. and could eat another. Why is salted the best flavour?!

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    2. frankie


      I had no idea that you could get non-salted popcorn o_O wouldn't even want to try it!

    3. Janet


      Mmmm, salted popcorn!

    4. ~Andrea~


      Ew - it has to be sweet for me I'm afraid

  8. just came up with some fun craft things to do during my 2 weeks off from work! woo!

    1. shelley.s


      christmas cards :)!

  9. I've finally updated my flickr - http://dft.ba/-pickeetures - for anyone interested :)

  10. so thats 7 of the 11 books I need ordered.. the others are harder to track down or say '2-3 months for delivery'. Helpful...

  11. Oh crap, just remembered I need to order my uni books... best get to it, eh? Meh. money!

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