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  1. water, room temperature. Think I need something with a bit more kick (not alcohol though, still not there yet)
  2. I really want to see this but am waiting for part two, I hate to be left hanging lol Hoping to go see Scream 4 tonight
  3. August! Big year for me, just had my hen night too
  4. Inver

    Where are you in Scotland by the way? I'm in Aberdeen

  5. Inver

    Hope you are enjoying BCF LTR and are settling in well.

  6. I read this as a teenager and didn't liek it although my friend loved it. Read it a year or two back again and actually liked it, weird how things change as you get older
  7. We had salad, meat, cooked potatoes, eggs and all the crunchy stuff
  8. Me too when is your big day?
  9. Hi Helen and welcome, I am new to this site too. Still finding my feet
  10. Yes exactly this, its is bizarre how some are fantastic and then some are just so flat. Stephen King is the one I hear most though, a lot of people love his older books but not so keen on his newer offerings yet I must admit I do like most of his stuff
  11. Thank you muchly! He is a personal favourite of mine.

  12. should be turnign this off and sleeping but so much to read :P

  13. I love your kitty picture, too cute!

  14. I read this a few months back and really enjoyed it, good review
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