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  1. I set aside an average of a hour, sometimes two, on going through a few chapters and absorbing the material aswell as story the writer is trying to put across. Likewise I 'selective speed read' on the web but only due to the limited time I have on it and the vast expanse of information out there.
  2. Busy few days ahead with attending the Buxton Adventure Festival, a deer-watch, and niece's first birthday.
  3. Currently seven books, with a further seven in the post and going to do some window-shopping at the local charity shop in the coming weeks. Many reference books around the house but nothing I can say is official my own except for what's counted in the bedroom.
  4. Splurged out on a few paperback's from amazon this evening, should keep me busy through the early winter. "The House of the Mosque" Kader Abdolah "Born Under a Million Shadows" Andrea Busfield "Sepulchre" Kate Mosse "The Sleeping Buddha" Hamida Ghafour "The Bookseller Of Kabul" Åsne Seierstad "The Book Thief" Markus Zusak "A Thousand Splendid Suns" Khaled Hosseini
  5. Welcome to the BCF. :)

  6. First post On average per annual I'll spend no more than £50 on books, this year already purchasing Labyrinth, New Moon and Fellowship of the Ring for £1 the lot. I'm fortunate to live around a maze of Charity Shops, all of which supply great choices and deals to chose from. Weekends are always great to see whats out and about in town.
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