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  1. "Shantaram" can't recall the author. self indulgent garbage. I wanted to punch the author in the face this will be really unpopular: "To Kill a Mockingbird" Harper Lee. loved it in my teens, now in my 30s reading it again I hated it. badly written and predictable.
  2. like alot of people here I found it a bit too preachy and I'm a christian too! its a pity because it had potential, like the left behind series. I liked the left behind series too but found that way too preachy and badly written but the story itself was utterly fascinating
  3. because books are so expensive to buy new from a bookshop i have no problem with second hand books. i picked up "where the heart is" by billie letts at an op shop for $4. if i was in dymocks or borders i wouldnt have even picked it up but i found the book quite enjoyable even though it seemed it was written with a movie deal in mind
  4. ive just finished reading david mitchell's lastest book "the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet" and loved it. it wasnt an easy read as i struggled with some of the japanese and dutch names. ive not read anything like this book before; highly original (imo). maybe i should give cloud atlas a go
  5. also my first post! ive seen this book at the bookshop but unsure about it as i really did not enjoy two caravans at all. i loved a short history of caravans, one of the few books ive read that make me laugh out loud. two caravans was a little too dark for my tastes and i admit i did not finish it. maybe i will one day as i like the way she writes..
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