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  1. Happy birthday, and Merry Christmas. :)

  2. Currently I only read eBooks. I own about 550 eBooks and most of those are on my
  3. That depends entirely on the day. If I have lots of free time and I'm reading a book that's really interesting I can read for hours on end without a break. If on the other hand I'm really busy with other things or just too tired then I'll not even read a sentence. Usually though I read about 1 hour per day just before bed.
  4. I never used to bother but now I have most of my books in eBook format so I can read on my laptop. That way I can just keep the internet tab open too and just copy and paste any words that I'm unfamiliar with. I can generally figure out what they mean but it makes more sense to know exactly what they mean instead of guessing.
  5. I hate giving up on books as I always wonder what happened in the end and if maybe it picked up later on. I therefore usually just read it all no matter how much I dislike it. The last book I gave up on was
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