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  1. Hi Cheryl, welcome to the forums :-) I thought the Parkinson's one was well done, so also did the subsequent one on drug origins. I did not think that one was nearly as well done (for example, no mention of drug development through animal testing). It was a shorter course, and I think it glossed over many issues. I also missed the first of the good brain, bad brain series and I might take it next time it comes around too.
  2. That's partly why I like Kindle books - no need to part with them when moving or have the hassle of moving lots of them.
  3. Glad you like the S7 after getting it. I also have the S7, I was hesitant about it as there were other Samsung ones 10 euro or so a month cheaper, but a friend really recommended the S7 to me and after using it for a while I agree it is fantastic - by far the best smart phone I have ever had (however, I have not had all that many). The screen, the camera, the speed, all great.
  4. Welcome to the forums FJ :-)
  5. Yes, I remember one study in particular where the participants had to look at a screen and make a decision about what they saw (for example, I agree or I disagree) and then they had to press a button with their left hand for one choice or their right hand for the other choice. Their brains were being scanned throughout the experiment and from the scans the experimenters could reliably predict almost seven seconds before the participant pressed either button, which button they would ultimately press. The participants claimed they made the decision a split second before pressing the left or right button, putting the results of the scan before when they claimed to make the decision. I found that weird, but as you say, it's very hard, if not impossible, to get the timing accurate in these studies as it relies on believing what the participant said about something that is hard to pin down.
  6. I took some philosophy courses as an undergraduate alongside the psychology I was actually studying. I really liked philosophy. I will look at those youtube channels you mentioned, I will also look into the Coursera course on philosophy, it sounds interesting. While the study of free will is fascinating, I was not aware that science shows that we don't have free will. There are some clever experiments that make one question when a decision is made versus when we consciously perceive the decision, but I am not sure any show we don't have free will.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum :-) I have not read The Girl on the Train, but it is on my to-be-read pile.
  8. Lycos and excite, I had completely forgotten about them, I used them too, that does indeed bring back more memories.
  9. The Yahoo homepage was probably the first webpage I ever saw. Shortly after that, when we got the internet at home, I clearly remember the guy in the shop showing how the dial up modem worked then loading the yahoo homepage. Then google came along and my interactions with yahoo dropped to near zero (it's now just the annoying search engine that firefox defaults to sometimes). But I must admit, I am a bit sad or nostalgic to see yahoo sell off most of its business to other companies. It feels almost like the end of an era. Yahoo to sell core web business to Verizon for nearly $5bn https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jul/25/yahoo-to-sell-core-web-business-to-verizon
  10. I had no idea about the washing of eggs meaning a natural protective coating is washed off. I had noticed that in the US the eggs were always very clean and always in the fridge, but it never occurred to me the two were connected.
  11. People seem to have differing views on this. I normally keep them out of the fridge because I think they taste better that way, but I have never systematically tested this.
  12. I had not heard of this, but based on your description we watched it, thank you. It really is good, good characters, good story and a good length (we watched it over 4 nights or so). I also hope they make a second season next year.
  13. Had some thunder and rain during the night, but it's not all that much colder or less humid, and the forecast now says the thunder will continue for the next four days!
  14. I had not seen Coursera before, thanks, I'm having a look now. I know what you mean about not having the time to commit, last time I looked at futurelearn about six months ago, I just couldn't imagine where the time would come from. However, this summer I have a bit more free time so am going to see if I can complete a course or two. I've already seem some on coursera that look good.
  15. Welcome - I hope you enjoy the discussions on the forums :-)
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