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  1. ^^ Yeah, and better shark effects than Sharknado The Flash 2x05 Arrow 4x05
  2. Finally got some of Mike's photos and videos from our Canada trip. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing At the Calgary Stampede: Mike likes steak. Mike loves steak. As I soon discovered, Mike won't eat anything other than steak, so much that he even takes photos of it! : (Got to say, the jacket potatoes were the best ) Calgary Tower: I made him take this photo, for obvious reasons : Me being mature Hey, if someone took your photo whilst you were drinking a cocktail you'd do the same The hotel in Calgary was also a casino. We may have spent some time in there. No Direction - er, I mean One Direction fans. Their concert was the same night as Rush. The nerve. I spent hours standing like this. My arms are now stuck in this position. I'm typing with my nose
  3. Of course, what they're not showing is the huge box and all the cables in the wall behind it
  4. That's about the right age for it, I reckon The Walking Dead 6x05 and Talking Dead. Not much happening this week.
  5. There have been 7 episodes so far, with the season cut from 13 eps to 10. Not looking good.
  6. ^^ That's because Brandon Routh was always destined to play The Atom instead.
  7. Pretty much sums up my feelings, too!
  8. I noticed that, too Yeah, but then he said this was his most amazing time on Strictly I'll never forgive him
  9. Well, I was wondering why I'd run out of tin foil - then I saw Claudia's 'dress' My thoughts every week. And she always looks so smug about it I was saying the other day that nobody seems to be really improving this year, they all seem fairly static at the same level as when they started. Then along comes Georgia and does that. Got my vote this week
  10. I suddenly remembered who Jay reminds me of when he's dancing . . . https://youtu.be/LlWmIhYADRM?t=182 It's uncanny!
  11. Some different footage in the international trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdAUiyeJMFQ
  12. I liked the tag line: 'A New Saga Is Coming' No, I saw it was on and completely forgot to watch it Shall have to look out for it On Demand
  13. Weird coincidence. Working my way through Eluveitie's back catalogue and this song is about Julius Caesar laying siege to the city of Alesia and defeating Vercingetorix and the Gauls - weird coincidence cos that siege has just happened in the book I'm currently reading: Caesar by Colleen McCullough.
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