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  1. Always good to see another Epica fan around I'm going to see Delain next week. I'm not really going for Delain (think they're decidedly average) but for Cellar Darling, who are one of the support acts. It's their first ever UK gig. Kind of amusing that they're playing London the night before Eluveitie (as they're three ex-members of Eluveitie).
  2. I never even made it to the end of the second season Switched to Agent Carter and now The Last Ship for my Bridget fix
  3. Supergirl's pretty much the only one I'm watching now - and, as you say, it's just okay. I gave up on Arrow and Legends last season, and The Flash has gone downhill faster than Barry Allen can run. Didn't even make it through one episode of Shannara
  4. Should be fairly soon, hopefully. The third episode was the best bit of 'Trek' I've seen in many a long year
  5. I love how Supergirl is casting so many previous Superman/Supergirl actors - first Dean Cain and Helen Slater. Now we seem to be in the midst of a Lois Lane-off - Teri Hatcher last season, now Erica Durance
  6. Must be very difficult, if one is pigeon-toed, to sort that out whilst trying to remember everything else.
  7. The Orville season 1 Star Trek: Discovery season 1 Fringe season 3 re-watch Stranger Things season 1 re-watch
  8. Four episodes in and there's room for (a lot of) improvement. The Orville is doing a far better job of being Star Trek than this is, frankly.
  9. Alexandra's last three dances have been fantastic. That jive was brilliant. Couple of tiny stumbles but never mind. Gemma's starting to look really good, too. I like Aston, though. It's about time Manrarararara won it.
  10. Hope you do! It's a remarkable game that gets better and better as it progresses
  11. Just started The Bounty, a non-fiction book about some mutiny or other (surprisingly!), by Caroline Alexander.
  12. The only thing I'm really (re)watching at the moment is Fringe season 2. I've just about given up on all the DC shows. They all seem to have jumped the shark now - too many characters with new ones who aren't very good. Arrow's the prime culprit. I really, really hate what they've done with Wells in The Flash. Even Supergirl has taken a nosedive and I used to be able to rely on that for a few laughs, at least. Really must catch up on Agents of SHIELD, though - I'm about four episodes behind at the moment
  13. Since last post I've (finally) played and finished The Last of Us, which I loved - the writing and characters were soooo good. I still haven't quite recovered from how it ended. And now I may be slightly obsessed with Horizon Zero Dawn.
  14. I finished the base game of The Witcher 3 on Friday. Out of the multiple endings the one I got was so bittersweet After 140 hours in the game I've been feeling strangely bereft ever since, and that's even with knowing I've still got the two expansions to play Love the combination of visuals and the song in this trailer:
  15. I'm sure you can find better things to watch him in The problem with The OA is that it flatters to deceive for the first three or four episodes and then descends into complete and utter drivel. I don't think I've ever gone so quickly from being intrigued by a show to absolutely despising it But hey, knock yourself out. And book some lessons in interpretive dance while you're at it I finished watching season 1 of Travelers last night. Very enjoyable, really hope it gets another season. And I'm up to Fringe 1x09
  16. I think the controls can take a bit of getting used to, yeah - although I've not played it with a PS4 controller (I'm on pc with a 360 controller). For me, it wasn't until I got past the prologue in White Orchard (which takes about 10 hours, probably) that the game really came alive. Of course, you may not have the time to spare! Once I finished that area and moved on to Velen the game blossomed and opened out into this huge, incredible experience, where even the secondary quests had more thought put into them than some games have in their main stories. If you get to Velen and meet The Bloody Baron you'll get an idea what I mean in that regard. It's not flawless by any means, but it does so much, and does it better than any other open world RPG I've played, and the characters and story are just so involving. Love it. Although I've really stuffed up poor Geralt's love life
  17. I finally got a PS4 for Christmas and I just finished Uncharted 4 about ten days ago. You're in for a treat - the story, the action, the characters, the superb voice acting - I thought it was marvellous. Not as marvellous as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, though. I held off getting it for ages and ages cos I didn't like the second game very much, then finally succumbed and bought it in the Black Friday sale on Steam. I'm around 120 hours into it now and I haven't finished the main quest, let alone started the expansions, and yet I haven't been bored for one moment. It's the best game I've ever played.
  18. Recently I've watched The OA (what a load of old tripe that turned out to be! ) I'm now working my way through Travelers, which has been a rather pleasant and enjoyable surprise. And season 2 of The Expanse starts next week I've just started a re-watch of Fringe as well. I'd forgotten just how much I loved that show.
  19. ^^ So much for having too much else to watch The DC crossover episodes were good fun, even if they made no sense whatsoever ETA:
  20. I'm really happy Ore won. I warmed to him in the last few weeks and I liked his dances best on the night. I wouldn't have minded any of them winning, though - they were all great. I reckon Oti might've cost Danny the win - great dancer and choreographer but as soon as she opened her mouth it was like fingernails scraping down a blackboard
  21. The Netflix trial is free too. Keep up at the back Supergirl 2x06 - hee at drunk Kara
  22. Awesome, I love that book, it's so much fun The first hundred pages made my head spin, so if he's enjoying it already he'll hopefully enjoy it all the way through. Fingers crossed!
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