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  1. This is too difficult (and I'll probably change my mind again as soon as I hit post!) The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Copolla Lost in Translation - Sofia Copolla The Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson Slumdog Millionaire - Danny Boyle Fight Club - David Fincher Harry Potter (Series) Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) Silver Linings Playbook - David O. Russell The Color Purple - Steven Spielberg
  2. Sounds really interesting! I hope the casting gets it right.....could be a brilliant drama
  3. Hello folks! I haven't popped in for ages! After a busy couple of years I've got the reading bug again and need inspiration! Hope everyone is grand xx
  4. Another year, another birthday! Have a great day. X

  5. Happy Birthday Nicola! Have a lovely day. X

  6. Happy birthday - have a great day. :)

  7. Hey! I have to second Pickle's recommendation for Justin Cronin's The Passage. I'm reading it now and it has me gripped. It's a big one (about 900 or so pages) but it's divided into pre and post-apocalyptic as well as other sections so doesn't feel too long. It's the first of a trilogy which is apparently the same time frame from three different perspectives.
  8. hi lovely :) I'm ok thanks how about you? How was your birthday? Uni is stressing me out, this year is really busy! how about yourself? and now the snows getting in they way and I haven't started xmas shopping yet so things are a bit hectic. hope ya well! xxx

  9. Mac

    Thanks for reading the bilge I put on me blog, pet. It means a lot. Hope you're having a good day. xx

  10. I use public transport to get about. We've got really good transport links up in Newcastle so I've never really needed to drive although I have started to learn (on and off! ) However, the bus company I use have created names for their services and the service I use is called the Fab 56 It's the most camp bus in the fleet and t cheers me up in the morning which probably says a lot about me
  11. Stephanie!!!

    How's you? Been up to much? How's uni going?

    Hope you're grand xx

  12. Nicola

    No problem :) It's an amazing place and I always recommend it to anyone who will listen. It has a real rural feel to it thanks to the City Farm and it doesn't attract 'Bigg Market Types'....all good!

    You'll have to give me a shout when you're heading up so I can keep my eyes peeled for you. Also, The Cluney Burger is famous in certain circles (they do a ve...

  13. Mac

    That's great, Nicola. Thanks for the link. I'll have a wander a sample th'ales available. If you see a shaven-headed six footer reading a book, it might be me so don't spill anything on him, oookay? xx

  14. Does my society look big in this?

    1. Mac


      Nope. It looks gooooooood...! ;)

      *runs away giggling like a schoolboy

    2. Nicola
    3. Genevieve


      looking at your perfect face I am thinking your parents are very lovely, oui? How nice for you! I hope your book is all you hoped for and your year starts out, well and ends just the way you planned.

  15. Nicola

    Also (me again!!), if you haven't been to the Ouseburn Valley before, you might want to check out this site :)


    I usually head down there with my friends (bonfire night was amazing! Views of fireworks over the valley with hot cider and mulled wine at The Cumberland Arms....heaven!) xx

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