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  1. Oh I've never read Under the Duvet or Further under the Duvet,must seek them out.. I've read Watermelon,Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married and The Other Side of the Story..brilliant. Finished East of Eden 2 days ago-so-so,no real direction witht he story,I though. !79 pages into Somebody Else's Kids-Torey Hayden,a re-read,good book.
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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy!
  3. I haven't read this book since it first came out and it's all abit of a blur (think I read it too quickly in my haste to find out what happened.) So I think I shall have to re-read and also get myself to see the film.
  4. I agree,she really made me laugh out loud at times:lol: Good idea,must do that also. I think there are a few of her books that I haven't read also,will try and get my hands on them. Have you read any of her other books?
  5. I have to admit it wasn't uite my cup of tea. I never really got into at all. Funnily enough,for a person who gets emotional quite easily (!) I can't say that I felt any emotion toward any of the characters in this book,I felt I was very far removed from it. Alot of it I found uite boring,to be honest and I really struggled to finish it. Funnily enough,quite a few people had recommended it to me,but it just wasn't for me.
  6. Well,I started Perfect Match - Jodi Picoult on Thursday evening and finished today at around 1.30pm. Loved it,as I do with most of Jodi Picoult's books. Borrowed it from the library on a whim on Thursday,just happened to see it and as it was one of hre books I hadn't read,Iwhipped i up. As a mother,it really made me think about how I would cope,or not cope in the same situation and weather I thought the actions taken by cerain characters in the book were right or wrong. As with most of her books,very thought provoking and plenty of twists and turns.
  7. Potatoes,beans and ham and bacon cream pie. Delicious.
  8. Boiled ham,potatoes and mushy peas. tasty.
  9. I'm planning on going to see My Sister's Keeper during the week. Also want o see The Hangover-heard it's really funny.
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    Hello Lisa. Welcome to the forum. Hope you like it here.
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