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  1. 2009. I had a broken leg so the internet was my only real link to the outside world. Searched for a book forum and here it was. Strangely never actually talked that much about books! Not around so much now, but occasionally popping my head in.

  2. Apparently I haven't posted a photo yet...This is me and the boyfriend at his brother's wedding. It's a bit old but he never lets me take pictures of him and I really like it.




    My hair has changed a bit now, I'm growing it out and have gone back to my natural brown.



    It has been an interesting week for me what with starting the new job. This new place is still in social care, but rather than working with the elderly, it's a facility for disabled adults, where they are taught various life skills. I seem to be settling in well and making friends with staff and residents alike - the residents are a mixture of supported living and those with more specialist needs that are in the 17 bed care home that is on site - there are a lot with Downs and various types of autism. They teach them various life skills for independent living - namely IT, catering, textiles, horticulture and retail (selling the products made in the other categories). During this beautiful weather I have been making excuses to spend time outdoors in the horticulture unit. The staff can buy the fruit and veg that is grown there, and tonight we shall be sampling parsnips from the garden, which I am looking forward to.


    Sounds like a good place. When I had my gap year I was living with a woman with learning disabilities, helping her to live independently. Unfortunately it go cut short when I broke my leg (just before I joined here, actually), but I enjoyed it while it lasted.



    I've got a few days off work. Really need the break. Today I spent most of my time tidying, but I still want to sort out my bookshelves. Want to do some baking tomorrow, probably flapjack. Wednesday I have my driving test- I WILL pass this time!

  4. Finished Game of Thrones, was so into it by the end that I am tempted to start the next, but also want to read a few others on my TBR pile so am thinking of starting The Rosie Project.


    I'm about 80% through Life After Life. My mind keeps wandering while I'm reading it, and by the time I realise, I have to back-track to see what I missed. :thud:


    Whoops! Life After Life was my favourite read last year so I hope it gets easier for you.

  5. I'm definitely interested! I have Rebecca on my list of 'must read in 2014' books. But I've currently got two reading circle books to read before I get to it. If you want to start it now, I'll be happy to chime in on the discussion later.


    I can wait, I was thinking of reading The Rosie Project next anyway.

  6. Am off work ill today. It's a nasty cold, which I wouldn't usually take time off for but I was almost constantly coughing at work yesterday and I didn't have antibiotics in the cupboard to take. (I have a chest condition which means I should always have antibiotics handy in case I get a chest infection). Feeling better today, but don't know how much that is down to mee being able to sit down rather than racing around all day!



    I finally finished my toxic job today - although not before I shed a few tears. I will miss the residents and at least some of the staff, as they are not all bad, and was really touched by some of the comments made.


    In the meantime, I have my grievance hearing on Friday, where the District Manager will decide (probably not on the same day) whether I have been a victim of bullying by the Managers and decide what if anything to do about it. My friend who works in the laundry has her own grievance a few hours earlier, on the same day, and we have agreed to help each other by writing statements.


    The Managers have all kept out of my way since they realised what I have done, which has been mildly amusing to say the least. Most of the staff there are not aware that I have done this, but when they see me back there on Friday in a meeting with the District Manager with a Union rep in tow, they will soon work it out, and it will not be long before it gets round the home, not that I care. They should have thought about that before they did it. 


    I have then 2 days off in which to finalise my case. I then have the weekend off before starting the new job on Monday, which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Once it is all over, I will breathe a very big sigh of relief - and so I think will Coran. :)

    Good to hear you are out of there!

  7. Since I was last on I've err, read Attachments, which was enjoyable, a bit cute a bit funny, and with a bit of meaning, but I wouldn't say it met up to the hype. What else...err I finished Little Women, which I can see maybe have liking ten or so years ago, but found a bit preachy (full review is on my blog). Finished A Long Thaw by Katie O'Rourke which I was reading as a review request. I read the author's previous novel which I enjoyed, but I think this one was better.


    Now I'm reading Game of Thrones on paper. It's been on my TBR shelf for years, it just looked so daunting! Haven't started a new kindle book yet, and not sure what I will read on it.

  8. I quite liked The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film, but not as an adaptation- just as a film.


    And there are others...ummm.....Well I've never managed to read all of Lord of the Rings, but I really liked the films. The film of High Fidelity is good. I tend to think films are better when I see them first to be honest. Hated The Hobbit film, and I love the book. Trying to think what else, I know there's more. The Hunger Games films are as good as the books I think.

  9. Started Attachments- Rainbow Rowell a couple of days ago. Nothing fantastic yet, but definitely a lighter read that the Book Thief, which is what I was after.


    Finished Little Women today, it was ok but I don't really see the fuss, maybe I would have liked it if I read it earlier in my life. Not sure what to read next on my kindle, probably a review request for my blog as I have a bit of a backlog.


    Also bought Me Talk Pretty One Day- David Sedaris on kindle daily deal today. Have heard lots of good things about it.

  10. I think it depends.  There is erotica and then there is erotica.  If an interesting story can be worked in with it, that makes it more interesting.  A book that is simply for the sake of titillation is not the path I'd take. 


    even with a story you can find plenty free on the internet...

  11. Ok, first, what is (fnar)?  :)


    Secondly, in a way, it's a good thing because it means that people are not embarrassed to borrow a book of erotica. 


    OTOH, there is the "ewwwwwww" factor of one not wishing to borrow a book that some has read, and well.......one wonders what they might be doing whilst reading...........hence the "EWWWWWWWWW" factor. 


    :blush2:  :blush2: :blush2:  Oy. 


    Exactly what I was thinking...although you wouldn't catch me paying for erotica either...

  12. It looks like I'm one of very few who don't have an Amazon wishlist! I never buy from there because the postage costs to Australia are too prohibitive. I keep my wishlist on the Book Depository. I find it very easy to add books there, and I prefer the layout and search functions to Amazon. I also have a spreadsheet of the same books on my wishlist, along with the (current) price and the date it will be published (if it's a pre-order).


    There are around 200 books on there at the moment. I don't by any means add every book I want, otherwise I would spend every moment of every day adding books to my wishlist! For instance, there are many classics that I'd like to read, but I don't bother adding them unless I find a particular edition that I'd like. Usually I only add newer books that I've seen recommended here or have found out about elsewhere. And there are probably more non-fiction books than fiction.


    I visit my wishlist pretty often; mostly just for fun (yes, I have fun just looking through it :blush2:) and to check if any prices have gone down. Occasionally I'll delete a book if it has been there for a long time and I've since decided I don't want it so much anymore. I only really buy books from there if I'm feeling down and need a pick-me-up or if I want to treat myself. Basically I can use that excuse whenever I want, but I'm trying to be good at the moment!


    I use amazon for convenience really, I prefer to buy in actual stores (usually Waterstones). I do have a bit of a tendency to browse amazon just to add things to my wishlist though!

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