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  1. When will they stop!! Today Amazon has announced the HDX next generation Kindle Fire on their home page. They feature this amazing "Mayday" button which means you can access a "real" amazon support person and speak to them with your query 24x7 365 days a week. They show how it works on the site. Really amazing technology. I wish I hadn't seen it as I want one (like a Kindle 3G keyboard and Kindle Fire HD is not enough already ).
  2. I've just finished reading Bellman and Black by Diane Setterfield - absolutely brilliant. I've now started reading a couple of Maigret stories until I decide what to get stuck into next.
  3. I hope you enjoy Secrets of the Sea House, green. I finished this at the weekend and really enjoyed. An excellent debut novel. I am now half way through "What Have I Done" by Amanda Prowse and enjoying it albeit it is a bit harrowing at times.
  4. I've just finished a delightful little book called The French for Love which was a Kindle Daily Deal a little while back. Good value for money! I'm now reading a few short stories by Guy du Maupassant while deciding what to read next. It's still Summer so I'm still in the the mood for light reads.
  5. Loved Eye of the Needle - one of the best of Ken Follett's in my opinion - and I thought the film was as good as the book too. Robert K Massie is a superb writer isn't he? Have you read his tome on Nicholas and Alexandra? Great reading. Well, I finally, finally finished Citadel by Kate Mosse. 900 + pages which took nearly all of July to get through .... (other things did get in the way though). I thoroughly enjoyed it and reckon it's better than Labyrinth and Sepulchre and now finishes off the trilogy nicely. I'm now making a start on Midnight in St Petersburg by Vanora Bennett.
  6. I found The House on the Strand quite weird actually and reckon it was written in one of du Maurier's "dark" days - there are few like that one that are difficult to read. I still think Rebecca is her best but I also like a lot of her short stories like The Birds (so different to the film) and Don't Look Now. Have you read My Cousin Rachel - that is almost as good as Rebecca.
  7. I'm still wading through Citadel by Kate Mosse (900 pages in all!). I'm enjoying it very much and reckon it's better than both Labyrinth and Sepulchre. It ticks all the boxes for me anyway: WW II, French resistance and Cathar history.
  8. I would definitely recommend Tai Pan, great story telling revolving around Hong Kong and the Opium wars.
  9. I've just made a start on Citadel by Kate Mosse having read the other two in the trilogy (Labyrinth and Sepulchre). It looks OK so far.
  10. Well you would say that wouldn't you! Actually I remember the case very well and like most people was fascinated by it. I will look out for it as it sounds an interesting read.
  11. I think mine would have to be The Sleepless Moon by H E Bates (or any of his books actually) - such a wonderful writer. The first books on the heap would be Dan Brown ones
  12. I was sorry to hear this today. I've read a lot of the Wilt books and they are the only books having me laughing out loud. I remember reading one on a train and getting funny looks from fellow passenger Well worth a try Janet.
  13. I've got A Month in the Country and re-read this on occasion as it is beautiful and haunting. I'm interested in more of his stuff too. Thanks for starting this Claire.
  14. Morning all, I've not been around for a while. I'm back in the land of the living after my daughter's wedding the other week. It was a beautiful day but now back to some serious reading!

    1. Inver


      how lovely a family wedding..hope the sun shone for you all.

  15. I downloaded the first Phryne Fisher book recently as I think it was a Kindle Daily Deal. Looking forward to reading it as it sounds a good holiday read. I'm a bit behind on my reading right now as I've just returned to civilisation after my daughter's wedding. I finished the Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer and have started on The Sins of the Father by Alan Massie.
  16. I'm enjoying a nice latte with an extra shot at the moment. I'm looking forward meeting my OH in the pub for a nice cold glass of wine in around 4 hours though.
  17. Well, it not very often I do this but I had to dump this book after about 200 pages last night. It was just dross. Still as you say Claire it wont taunt (or even haunt) me any more. It can sit on the Oxfam bookshelf instead. I've now started on William Brodrick's latest book "The Day of the Lie". Ahh proper reading .....
  18. I downloaded the full works of Thomas Hardy yesterday on my Kindle for £1.92 (including his plays, poems and critical essays about him). I am need of some good literature to digest so will make a start on Tess very shortly.
  19. I'm about a third of the way through The Templar's Quest by CM Palov having seen it sitting on my shelf for over 2 years. Wish I hadn't bothered though. Load of rubbish!
  20. Orange: saying don't forget my local Orange store is now an EE store etc .....
  21. Hmm, when you mention the school setting my mind immediately goes to "Goodbye Mr Chips" by James Hilton. It is a short book but I think will tick the boxes you require. Characters staying with you; literary qualities; good plotting.
  22. I don't know if this author has been discussed before but I'm ashamed to say I haven't read any Kingsley Amis. I will always have a stack of books to read for the rest of my life but I would like to ask what your opinion is of this author and do I make way for him. Any ideas on what to read of his? I have fancied the look of "That Uncertain Feeling". Thanks
  23. Aaaah June, I remember the Cathar conversations we use to have on "that other forum" with a few other members. Like you, I never really got into Labyrinth, I don't really feel Kate Mosse got to grips with the Cathar story. I made it to the top of Montsegur and Queribus (deprived of oxygen at the latter - it was so high!!).
  24. I love the history of the Cathars and I went on one of those field tours a few years back - it was one of the best trips I have ever done. The book that started it all for me was The Holy Blood and Holy Grail (which Dan Brown based his Da Vinci Code on) by Henry Lincoln and co - it gives an excellent history of the Cathars and Templars (who were Cathar sympathisers). There is also a very good book (and the title completely eludes me right now) by Rene Weis (Rachel's Dad) which gives an extremely good insight into Cathar history. I'm sure if someone googles Cathar and Rene Weis they find the book I mean. Updated: found it: The Yellow Cross: The Story of the Last Cathars 1290-1329
  25. Did anyone watch the series? I watched the 1st episode on Saturday and recorded the 2nd one last night so yet it see that part. It was OK ish. I love Carcassonne and it was lovely to see the Citadel as well as the town of today - brought back good memories. As usual with these things, the dialogue gets muffled - especially the girl Alice in the present and those French guys - well who knows what they were on about!! I liked John Lynch as De Montfort though - thoroughly nasty chap he was . And I hope to see more of John Hurt in Ep. 2.
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