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  1. I read The Collector many years ago and remember loving it., one of those books that really draws you in. I seem to remember it had a rather oppressive atmosphere. I don't remember all the details of the story but I'm tempted to find it again and give it a re-read.
  2. Ah thanks Raven. I've just started The two towers chapter 2 (The riders of Rohan). I've been so busy with work including overtime and then also having work done in my house that I'm just constantly slipping behind. Thank you so much but I'm going to take a break now that I'm at the end of the first book. I'll finish Rebecca which I'd put on hold (naively thinking I'd be able to get through both). Please all carry on without me and I'll catch up and post more when I can.
  3. Welcome Suzanne 🙂 don't worry this is a very friendly forum. It's like a nice uncontroversial safe space on the internet, and unlike many forums which can often be argumentative and unpleasant. I hope you enjoy it here 😊
  4. I would like to retract this statement There are too many poems and songs and I'm finding myself skipping them. Is that because she possesses one of the rings? Since the ring is changeable, and changes in this story (i.e. it now wants to be found by Sauron) perhaps then it is also more visible to others like Gollum.
  5. I'm still a week behind! So far I've enjoyed the journey up to Rivendell more than the journey afterwards, perhaps because it felt a bit fresher and less familiar than the journey afterwards (because of the film) although it was interesting to see the journey through the mountain didn't quite match the narrative in the film, even though the gist was the same. Going back to the council of Elrond, it was disappointing that there was no female representation there, so I was glad to see the figure of Galadriel playing a prominent and powerful part in Lothlorian.
  6. Welcome Excellent! Looking forward to chatting with you.
  7. That's fantastic Chrissy! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it!!
  8. Mine too. It's what I've started calling my cat ever since I read it
  9. Just lovely. The snowdrops are always a welcome sight after winter.
  10. OK - so I'm currently on chapter 10 (Strider) so it's about time I posted some comments. This is my first reading of LOTR although I've seen the films many times and read the Hobbit many years ago. My first thoughts are that Frodo in the book is (certainly in the earlier chapters anyway) much jollier and therefore more hobbit-like than the Frodo in the films where he seems very serious and barely cracks a smile. Secondly, this is my first encounter with Tom Bombadil as he appears nowhere in the films. He is certainly a strange character, and Goldberry too. They seem to me to have something divine or semi-divine about them, or to represent nature or the providence of nature in some way. They are fearless and joyful, have power over dark forces and, well Tom at least, is very old, older than the races of the elves and the dwarves, so there is certainly something very mystical about them. I understand that Tom doesn't have much to do with any of the rest of the plot, but I'm still curious to see whether there will be any further references or allusions to him. Thirdly I had assumed I would have no interest in the poems and songs and would skip or skim them, however I've actually been enjoying them which has come as a pleasant surprise. Finally I had always built up in my mind that LOTR was a very heavy going book that I'd struggle with (probably because my dad attempted to read it to me when I was young, and I told him to stop because it was boring - I guess I was a bit too young) whereas it's actually a very easy and pacy read. Mind you the opening chapters and preamble don't help I suppose as the action doesn't get going straight away. Anyway I'm thoroughly enjoying it. EDIT: PS Once I've caught up I'll engage more with other comments but for now I'm reluctant to read comments on parts I haven't yet read.
  11. It's such a fantastic book! So witty, well written and pacy, and as you say has a lot of layers and depth. I didn't know that about the title. How interesting.
  12. Thank you Hayley and Raven I will hopefully have some thoughts posted on Tuesday. Meanwhile
  13. I've been reading this thread a little enviously so I've decided to join in, a little late I'm afraid! I borrowed this last Friday and I've read the first 6 chapters plus preamble - so I'm about to start In the House of Tom Bombadil. I'll keep any comments short and sweet until I've caught up with the rest of you.
  14. Haha no we never had them in the house. Only dark!
  15. Oh fantastic. I loved Cassandra Darke too. I hope you enjoy them Chrissy and they bring a little smile to your face 🙂
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