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  1. 'The Little Pieces of You and Me' by Vanessa Greene Easy read...two friends with a bucket list of things they want to do. But something happens that will change their plans. Don't take your future for granted as you never know what might happen to change it all in the blink of an eye. 3/5
  2. This forum has been great it many ways and not just about books. Folk have been very supportive in my times of need in bereavement too via my blog section on here. We have had a few laughs along the way too. I it is lovely you have/are creating a new home for us though on Facebook where we can keep up our chats all things bookie and more....will miss this though... I remember we even had a bookswap at some point too.
  3. Was a wee bit shocked to see this, but totally understand how it has come about. I've found things have been getting quieter on here over time too. I'm probably guilty too of not poppin in as much as I used to. Such a shame. This is has so much fun to be part of all this and have really enjoyed adding my bookie comments on here and having a place to make my lists of books read/to read etc etc. Thanking you Michelle and all the admin involved in keeping this running for as long as you have..
  4. Thanks... always enjoy her books. Sad to hear this thread and forum will be closing though...
  5. 'Her Mother's Shadow' by Diane Chamberlain The final book in the trilogy 'Keeper of the Light' and it was a great read. Lacey has to come to face the prospect that her mother's murderer could be up for parole. How will she cope with this but to add to it all her best friend dies and has asked that she take care of her daughter. But why her? The book deals with the family relationships when Mackenzie comes to stay and her own feelings towards her mother, with secrets and the usual twists along the way to reveal the truth. Great characters from the previous two books and some new all intermingle to the plot. A good read to end the trilogy. I do love her books. Wonder which one I will up next off my shelf. 4/5
  6. 'Kiss River' by Diane Chamberlain A good follow on from 'Keeper of the Light'. I wasn't sure in what direction this book would go, but it was good. Again the 'light' from the first read takes a staring role and why is Gina so desperate to have it lifted from the sea. What does it's secret hold and how can she have it raised to find the answer she so desperately seeks to answer her question? Will it help with the finances she so desperately needs to full fill her need to adopt. I did wonder how all this would tie in with the storyline. There were a couple of twists as always, which I love in her books. I enjoyed the diary entries chapters to understand more of the history. You could probably read it as a stand alone, but I think reading 'Keeper of the Light' would be best. As always a good drama, with a bit of mystery and romance thrown in. Now off to start the third one 'Her Mother's Shadow'...I'm hoping it ties in with the other two. 4/5
  7. @Athena...I'm sure I will...just started 'Kiss River'.
  8. 'Keeper of the Light' by Diane Chamberlain Oh yes...another page turner for me. I do love her books. Good characters, a lighthouseOlivia and Paul, Annie and Alec but what is there connection? Annie is the victim of fatal shooting to which Olivia is on call for. Why is her husband so obsessed/in love with Annie? She needs to find out. Their lives intertwine and truths from the past are finally unveiled. Can the past be healed? Twists and turns along the way...I do like to be kept guessing and it didn't disappoint. Another two in this trilogy...off to start the next one, Kiss River. Hoping it is as good a read. 4/5
  9. @bobblybear...no I've read The Husband's Secret and Big Little Lies too.
  10. 'What Alice Forgot' by Liane Moriarty Alice bangs her head at the gym and when she wakes up can't remember the last 10yrs or that she has children and also getting a divorce. Over time things start to piece together with help from family and friends. Will she get her memory back and will she want to go back to how things were if she does. Will she like what she remembers time will tell. Enjoyable read but found it a bit too long. Slightly repetitive at times, but was glad I got to the end and didn't give up on it. 3/5
  11. 2nd read of 2018 to be added was to the 'recommended' read.
  12. 'The Bees' by Laline Paull It took me a while to decide if I would finish this read but I kept with it. Not my usual genre but it was recommended by others. Interesting incite as to what could be going on inside a hive. Flora 717 is a sanitation worker, but she also has a curious mind and also a maternal instinct, which really only the Queen has. She wants to know more and does so working her way up to forage and more. She know she is forbidden to go to certain areas of the hive, but her curiosity is strong and her body tells her she has to seek out the part of the hive she is banned from without being caught. Laline's imagination and descriptions of 'bee hive' life is strong, and I found this was what kept me going. It is brutal at times, but nature can be anyway. Exciting but sad in parts. I would say I was about half way and I knew I had to continue. It didn't disappoint. There is only one Queen and all bees must 'Accept, Obey and Serve' at all times, but can it always be done? 3/5 (Thank you to @poppyshake for the recommendation though)
  13. So it's Mother's Day here in UK. I had a wishlist and youngest gave me .... 'A Man called Ove' by Fredrik Backman. I've read good reviews for it recently.
  14. 2018 'The Runaway Quilt'(Elm Creek Quilts #4) by Jennifer Chiaverini review here
  15. 'The Runaway Quilt' (Elm Creek Series #4) by Jennifier Chiaverini It has been a while since I've read an Elm Creek quilt adventure and I enjoyed it. It was interesting finding out about the 'codes' supposedly used in quilts to guide runaway slaves via the Underground railway to safety. All this found out by Sylvia reading memoirs written by her great grandmother's sister Gerda and quilts stitched and kept in the house she wasn't aware of. It would appear they gave shelter to a pregnant runaway Joanna who desperately needed shelter. This is a large part of the memoir and how they managed to help her, amongst other family secrets. I look forward to reading the remaining books of the series I have on my shelf. 4/5
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