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  1. I really appreciate that, thx! and i am sorry that i am bringing you in this position, but i am really desperate as this is my last last last last exam and i dont really know who to ask for help :/ I am really sorry!
  2. Hey guys, I'm a german student and i am almost done with my school and i have only 1 exam left. The exam is about a chapter of a book called "Little Bee from Chris Cleaven". Now the task is that i have to analyze the protrayl of the Little Bee's feelings in chapter-one and compare her situation to that of many African Americans in the US. The teacher also said, that there should be also something included from the Multicultural Braitin aspect. I would really appreciate someone who can maybe help me out with this task, someone who knows the book and something about the US (the BLM-Movement and maybe something about the Mutlicultural Britain aspect) because its my last exam and it is an oral exam, that means that i have to prepare a presentation and stuff and my english is really bad (it took me an hour to write this) so i would really be thankful for your help. I had a friend (from London) and he was an extremly good friend (even tho he was a little bit older than me, but he still always helped me out, but i think that he has passed away cause of covid, since i havent recieved any other Mail from him since a whole year. and i am really sorry if this ticket / post is in the wrong collumn. I would really be helpful! Thx and much love <3
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