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  1. I haven't come across Linda Fairstein 'I will keep a look out when next I go to change my books I like it when books are based in America I have been to quite a few places over there and can relate to them when the writers go into detail about them,although I haven't been to New York'.it makes the books more interesting when you can visualize the places they are describing.don't you think.
  2. I think that wouldn't happen here as i am sure people would protest at least hope they would.The book I am reading at the moment is "Therapy" its by Jonathan Kellerman have any of you read it its really good.Jonathan and Faye Kellerman are husband and wife ,both crime writers ,they have a son and daughter who are also writers,can you imagine what it must be like in that household I wonder if they ever come up with the same ideas what a family, one writer in the family but FOUR,
  3. I hope your libraries don't start bringing in a charge for borrowing ,as a lot of people will be deprived of books and I cant think of anything worse.my friends tell me to get a Kindle but since childhood I have always had a love of books I just like to browse through the shelves and the feel of the books I can understand why you go to the library its such a shame when I look at what I get for almost nothing I wish I could pass them on to you but NZ is just a bit to far away from the UK
  4. HI Frankie thank you for your welcome,I like you watched Trial and retribution series and then read the books,real stomach churning stuff.I haven't read any Jeffrey Deaver but I will look out for them now that you have mentioned them. Bookmonkey I would forget your local library and maybe pop into your local charity shop I get my books there six for a pound and just return them when read most of them are brand new.thats why I get through such a good collection
  5. I'm sorry to say I haven't seen her being interviewed I would love to though,It would be great listening to them ,what clever people they are,writing must be on their minds 24/7 I wonder how they manage to go about doing day to day things once I start to read the book,I can't seem to put it down I just have to know "who done it".
  6. I often wonder if they know who's done before they begin to write to,I have read a couple of Lynda La Plante books which I enjoyed and also Ian Rankin,but none of the others unfortunately ,Peter James ,Faye Kellerman Karin Slaughter are also favorites of mine,when I first started to read crime books I must have read all Martina Coles,and Roberta Kray as always liked books about the East End gangs,I'm The same with TV gangster films are the ones for me I guess i maybe a bit blood thirsty, haha.
  7. I have just joined ,so have only just seen this post ,I am a great fan of Val Mcdermid I have just finished reading "Killing The Shadows",which I couldn't put down,I would have love to have gone to hear her speaking about her life as a writer lucky you ,
  8. Yes I to think what great imagination these writers must have,some of the crimes are quite gory ,Its a wonder I don't have nightmares as I like to have a read before going to sleep and sometimes I can't put the book down they are quite compelling ,I often wonder how long it takes them to write a book ,and if they have the plot from start to finish before they start ,or do they maybe get inspiration as they go along
  9. I have been a reader of crime and thrillers for a good number of years but its only recently that I have realized how much research the writer has to do before beginning the book,I have gained so much insight from these writers concerning the Detectives Pathologists Coroners and Legal systems but the ones that interested me the most are Profile'rs what amazing people,I wonder if any of you feel the same The book I am reading at the moment has all these things and more its a Val Mcdermid called "Killing the Shadows"maybe you can tell me what you think,
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