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  1. "It's another gorgeous Spring day after the fall of civilization." The Young World - Chris Weitz
  2. If you wanted a more adult book, I'd suggest Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It's historical, with far less fiction (unless a minor case of time travel bugs you ). It has romance, war, basically anything Mrs. Gabaldon could research. It is a long read, and it preludes to a lengthy series, but it is quite an interesting read!
  3. If you're a fan of a historical book with a fantastical twist, Leviathan by Scott Westerfield is a novel about World War I, but with a steampunk/biopunk twist. Fair warning, it is Y.A., but that doesn't make it any less interesting of a read! I hope this helps, Carina!
  4. Was Mim Malone a good representation of female teenagers? Although the book was well-written, I found myself constantly drawn out of the plot because she was written as a quirky, unique teenaged girl. "I only like 80s music," or "Ugh why would someone write 'Just Breathe' on a bag?" She's so Original and Independent, too much so that it is a really poor representation of teenagers. What are your thoughts? However, I did like the ending. (SPOILER) Have a nice day!
  5. The Selection series by Kiera Cass is one of the better romance stories - there is an air of fantasy and dystopia in them, but most of the action revolves around the romance. I think I understand what you're looking for - romance, but a romance that's actually good. Also, the book Nerve by Jeanne Ryan has a well-written romance plot even though the main plot is action/thriller. Also, being Y.A., not only should the books be interesting and quick-paced, but they should be easy reads. By the way, your English is great!
  6. While the original idea for the book is good, seeing as how it brings the issues of suicide to light, the novel has now turned into the glorification of suicide. It's becoming more well-known, having two seasons of the show on Netflix, but the main problem is that this book/show is romanticizing suicide, which is, to be blunt, a horrible thing to tell teenagers. Teenagers are the target demographic of this book/show, and the whole idea of the story is basically saying, "Suicide is bad, but look how much attention Hannah Baker got when she killed herself because she was angry!1! They'll always remember!1! Look how she's idolized!!1!" which I find to be a horrific message. While the book/show may be a great book/show, it is neither accurate nor healthy for teenagers and young adults to see and idolize.
  7. The most disturbing book I've read was Animal Farm by George Orwell. His satire of Russia and the European countries in his novel struck hard - especially because of the absurdity of the pigs and the humans. However, the most disturbing story I have ever read was the short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. She proved the point that humanity will follow traditions without remembering nor caring why these traditions were created in the first place. It also showed how quickly one can turn on a neighbor. Both stories make you say, "that's ridiculous!" before looking up and realizing "wait, they're making a legitimate point..."
  8. Young World by Chris Weitz may be considered dystopian fiction, as there are societies created by teenagers. It often has an air of Lord of the Flies, as some rude teenaged boys attempt to make a society, but the book itself focuses on a few good teenagers from a "good" society in New York. I would definitely recommend it for someone who likes dystopian fiction!
  9. While many people would say Romeo and Juliet, that story is more of a satire on young love. For me, Princess Bride is the best romantic story. Not only is there a great romance, but there is action and hilarity - this makes even the people who do not like romances love this book.
  10. I am quite the fan of John Green - his books always make you have to sit back and think for a couple hours after finishing them! E. Lockhart is also quite good with twists, and I love her writing style. Richard Paul Evans has a knack for writing great plots and characters to root for!
  11. I am currently reading The Young World by Chris Weitz. It's a post-apocalyptic novel about teenagers - the only survivors of a disease that kills all children and all adults. These teenagers must survive in New York City as they travel through the city to attempt to find out what happened and why the disease killed everyone else. I'm almost done, but I would already recommend it to fellow YA readers.
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