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  1. Horror, in my opinion is very hard to get into because their is so much unoriginal stuff out there that does not feel like it is horror anymore, it just feels as if it is a waste of pages, it's hard to find an author that writes great horror books. It takes me a while to find some good ones, although I only have 3 authors who write horror that are my absolute favorite, hands down. But yes, I agree, it feels like playing the lotto when searching for horror books.
  2. Right!? I don't remember the characters names much, but I was just very confused on the whole plot of the story, I was hoping Josh would reveal what it was that they were afraid of and what it was that they all followed to kill themselves. I loved the suspense Josh was putting in every chapter, if I can be honest, I literally read this book in like 3 days, I was very hooked on it. And Malorie I believe was pregnant, which she had her child and the other young girl's child as well, and raised them both, but when she took them out, blind fold them, and they go through the river, I was more confused when they met up with that one man who said he had his blindfold off. I was questioning then if what they were so afraid of was something that was not real, but only in their heads? Or was their something that they were breathing which made them go insane and kill themselves? I mean, think about... was that man really blind folded or not? Was their REALLY something out there? Why did Malorie and the children survive? How the heck did the others die? I think it had to do with something that was airborne... Josh never revealed it, and that killed my whole enthusiasm, it was so lame, but I can't lie he kept me at the edge! This is true though,some spots their was some bad writing, miss-spellings, but he made it come together quite nicely, he did a great job, makes me want to pick up thebook again and read it. To me, my review would be that it was one of the books that got me into reading more horror, and it opened my eyes to getting into more suspense, because he added gore and suspense together,he made those 2 categories come hand in hand nicely! I do believe that he could of at least given the reader a hint of what the characters were afraid of, their was one character specifically that would get me quite angry, I can't remember his name, but I think it was Rick. Tom's death hurt me so bad, because he was the most positive out of the whole group, I mean, I even felt like I almost cried.
  3. Has anyone related to this man's poetry? His poetry is so deep and raw, it's amazing, So is Samantha King's poetry(wife of R.H. Sin) please relate with me on these 2 poetry writers with me!! Their poetry has just touched many lives and changed many minds too,tell me, which poem is your fave!!!
  4. Did anyone read this man's amazing book? If you haven't read it yet, please, don't waste any more time and go freaking buy it and READ IT!!!! Josh Malerman was and is the best Suspense/Horror book writer ever! The book is very confusing though, the ending especially, I mean, it's a group of people trying to run away from something, and trying to survive from something, but the thing is.... the author never reveals WHAT it is they are trying to survive from. Please, can someone discuss this issue with me >_<
  5. You know what is funny is that I believe the Lemony Snicket books were my first actual reads in Jr. lol and on top of that, I never saw a real picture of Lemony Snicket, he was like a mystery author that if he was revealed, the whole world would come to and end haha I would have to say I recommend them, they are my all time favorite books I grew up with. I love how dark the characters are, and I love the plot behind every book, the endings would always blow me away, I stopped reading them after they stopped making more, but then a couple years passed and they made like 2-3 series more I believe. If you love dark children's books, then yes I recommend
  6. If anyone has read this book, and is past chapter 10, can someone tell me WHY fudgeing Caden is losing and falling for Dylan?!?!?! I just finished reading Chapter 22 and I am so confuzed on what Caden is doing, why he is being so oblivious on Dylan's moves, and all of a sudden Natalie comes out saying she is a Love Interest too!!!! It is too much to handle, I literally am lost for words on what's going on -_-.But I am also confuzed, does Caden love Dyl, or is he slowly falling for Juliet? Because he seems like he is falling for Juliet little by little... and Natalie actually loves Trevor, I thought that was not allowed in the LIC???? Please someone share the excitement with me
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