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  1. Chesilbeach, I mainly read non-fiction to be honest. Whatever I feel like learning about. Mostly Science or Politics. As far as Fiction, I do like a lot of things not just Sci-Fi. If a book is good, it's good.
  2. Thanks all. Angury, I used to go to the Buddhist Centre every Thursday but haven't been for a few years now. Was thinking just the other week of returning actually. Vodkafan, Is it your first novel? This is my first though I'm getting help from my friend who has been published. Onion Budgie, I'll have a look thank you. Though honestly, I don't read a lot of LGBT fiction, mainly more topical things, though there was this really amazing fantasy trilogy by Ricardo Pinto that featured a gay romance in it. That's worth reading. And AbielleRose, Thank you and I'm sure I will.
  3. I went to Berlin the day he died. My friends were huge fans. We took candles to his old apartment. There were quite a few people there with flowers and candles. It was a lovely tribute.
  4. Yeah I really liked it too. A more adult theme than the other films in the series and a lot more humour too.
  5. Hello, My name is Simon, Aged 34. I'm a musician and budding Author from Cardiff, South Wales. I enjoy all kinds of music but particularly Electronic Music and Rock Music. I'm currently writing A Science Fiction novel and hope I can subsidise my income from writing eventually. I'm a gay man but currently single. I enjoy Beer, Wine, Buddhism, Left-Wing Politics and i have a keen interest in Science and Technology. Hope I can contribute to this forum.
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