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  1. Has anyone read her book The Six Wives of Henry VIII? When I began learning about Tudor history that's the first book I read. It was excellent.
  2. Hi Nicola! I love your avatar! I love to write and read poetry as well! I actually prefer writing in prose because I find ideas can flow more freely however I prefer to read structured poetry. Who are your favorite poets? Mine are Christina Rosetti and William Blake.
  3. Hi Fraggle! I'm a Tudor fan as well! Am currently reading a biography about Elizabeth I.What's your favorite Jean Plaidy book?
  4. Hi! When are you all reading North and South for the English Counties challenge?
  5. Birdsong! I read that in another book club I was in. The book is well written and very realistic. Glad I read it. But it was a bit too mature for me. And the storyline I didn't find all that interesting. I didn't like the adaptation either.
  6. cuppycakes


    Hi GG! How are you? And, sadly, no I haven't visited any Tudor sights. Have you?
  7. Hi Signor! I just got the North and South book for Kindle! I can't wait to read it! I saw the BBC adaptation and absolutely loved it. Have you seen it? I think Mr. Thorton has to be one of my favorite literary men in all of English fiction. His relationship with Margaret was so romantic. Though I do think that Margaret was just as stubborn as Mr. Thorton and I think that it was just as much about Mr. Thorton changing as it was for Margaret.
  8. Hi GG! How is this season of Downton Abbey so far? I love that show.
  9. Great reviews, Athena! I used to love the Babysitter Club books! My favorite character was always Claudia. I read one Harry Potter book but didn't care for it.
  10. Just watched North & South starring Richard Armitage! It was wonderful! One of the best period dramas I have ever seen! I haven't read the book but if it's anything like the adaptation then it's lovely! I loved Thorton and Margarets relationship. It was so romantic! Mr. Thorton is so perfect! Loved him!
  11. This game looks like fun you alls answers are very entertaining by the way I would bring A P.G. Wodehouse book (to keep me laughing) A bed and Henry Cavill
  12. I thought so because Jane wrote so much about Bath.
  13. Heathcliff is a very passionate and devoted character but he's also unkempt and uncouth. Knightley he annoyed me greatly in the book because he was, I think, very sarcastic and egotistical. However, think I'd rather choose Knightely because he is more well mannered. John Thorton - North and South or Rhett Butler- Gone With the Wind
  14. Hi willoyd! I recently watched a documentary about Jane Austen and found it very interesting. I was surprised to learn when she moved to Bath she found it hard to write. What are your thoughts on this considering you read a biography about her?
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