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Still Alice by Lisa Genova

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What a wonderful book. Very well written and very touching. Had me shed a tear on more than one occasion. Alice is Harvard professor, married with three grown up children and a busy life. She starts to become forgetful, but dismisses it. An event takes her by surprise when one day on route home from work she gets lost and can't remember the way back to the house. She is disturbed by this and begins to wonder if there is something more to the forgetfulness. She is finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. She if only 50 years old. How could this happen to her. She has to tell her family and re-evaluate her career and family relationships.


This is a touching story of how they cope and how they deal with the inevitable progress of this horrible disease that steals away your very living. I related to this book with some sadness, given my dad had dementia and passed away. It helped answer questions we asked before and probably had prior to his diagnosis too.


Thank you Lisa Genova for this touching read from the view point of a sufferer rather than a carer. The most touching chapter for me was March 2005.

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