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The Brief History of the Dead - Kevin Brockmeier

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Although I hadn't heard of it, there are alot of reviews out there for this book. My advice.. don't read them!


This is all you need to know before picking up this book...

There is a place we go to after death.. and whether it comes before Heaven, no one knows. The theory is that each inhabitant stays there until there is no one alive who has a memory of them.

It is also the story of Laura, trapped in the Antartic, and fighting for her life.


The reviews will tell you more of the storyline, but in my opinion, that is best discovered as you read.. the book needs to open up for you as you journey through.


Some reviewers seem to have been disappointed because they were expecting more.. be it a more tense storyline, more science fiction, more background to the characters.


In my opinion, it doesn't need any of that. Don't approach it with any expectation, just sit down and read. Be warned though, you won't want to put it down. :blush:

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I picked this up thinking it was something completely different. By the time I realised it wasn't going where I thought it would I was completely hooked.


I love the idea behind it as well, the after death places. Two thumbs up from me, I loved it.

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What were you expecting Kat?...

(If you haven't read, and intend DON'T read the sopiler! lol)


I didn't realise it would be about a virus, or the girl in question being the last person alive. If I had, I probably would have expected more of a 'sci fi' storyline. so I'm glad it was a surprise.



I also loved the idea of staying somewhere else after death, whilst you still remained in memories.

I liked the way some of the inhabitants rediscovered something, such as Laura's parents enjoying their marriage again. :blush:


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For some reason I was expecting a more Mitch Albom book. I was wholly prepared to cry.



I did like all the people figuring out who it was they had in common and how all the links were slowly revealed to us as readers.


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