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The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domingue

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This novel interleaves the stories of two main characters, one from the 1920's, and one from the present day. This is possible because Razi, the central character, decides to stay 'between' after she dies. In this state, she is able to observe the life of a young couple in the present day, as they go through their own issues.


The various strands of the story slowly come together, as do the connections between the characters.


Ronlyn paints an interesting picture of life in the 1920's, with Razi's struggle to bring birth control and a better understanding to other women. At the same time we witness the slow breakdown of a modern relationship, and the struggle to repair it.. and this is all against the backdrop of the ageing of another character.


It did seem a little slow to me, but that's more of a reflection on me at the moment, than the book. It's well written, and flows along.. and importantly, stays with you after you put it down.


Interview with Ronlyn.

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I have just finished reading this book and although it was difficult to get into at first, it was a story that made me feel many emotions, happiness, sadness, love...... such a beautiful story, this is a book that I will definitley be passing onto my sister for her to read.

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