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Back from the uhm obscurity of life?

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Hey guys,

Have not been on here in ages, I even remember the old forum! I've decided recently to try and get more involved in the online book community so I decided to recover my profile, tweak a few things and well say hello all over again!


I have recently since last time I have been on here quit university, been broke for a while, worked in a office job as a temp, then got my current and full time job that I started in January of this year working with children which I love :)


Oh and I recently got engaged to my fiancee :) We are going to be living together soon and then get married in a few years :)


And well I love books and reading and writing so this seems like the right place to be!


See you all around on the forums :)

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Welcome back! I hope you'll stick around now. :) Congratulations on your engagement! Sounds like exciting times ahead.

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