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Bone by Bone by Bone - Tony Johnston

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This is essentially a childs book whjch can transfer easily to the adult reading market. Set in an era when blacks and whites were segregated in everything including school. A young white boy comes to terms with the fact his best friend can’t enter his house or play baseball with him because he is black


This book is well written and has a innocence about it which makes it a quick an easy read. This is not as good as To Kill A Mocking Bird but along the same lines and just as thought provoking. It seems hard to imagine that less than a century on from this time in history and America now have a black president


Well worth a read


Product Description

Malcolm and I could no more be separated than green from grass. My daddy had forbidden me to play with him, on account of his being coloured. Though little by little I came to understand the barriers between Negroes and white folks, back then I knew of no rule about two boys not being friends. The most important thing in David’s life is his friendship with Malcolm. In a secret ceremony in a cave they even become blood brothers. But this is 1950s Tennessee, and Malcolm is black. One day David’s fiercely racist father lays down a terrible threat. If Malcolm ever enters their home, he will kill him. David tries to change his daddy’s mind, but what will happen if Malcolm ever crosses the line? A powerful and haunting book, countering the horror of racial hatred with a lyrical tribute to childhood friendship.

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