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A Legend of Wolf Song - George Stone

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I read this book when I was in grade school. Found it again in Amazon's great used book secction after month of waiting for a copy to become available.


A Legend of Wolf Song - George Stone


A lovely story based on a Native American Legend about the loss of wolf song and how it was saved. Wolf, our protagonist has an unquenchable desire to sing and for it he is cast from his pack. He endures a mythical journey with a fading older wolf named Elder to find Dirus the mythical wolf that inspires him to return the gift of song to the wolves. Stone employs some of the classsic heroe's obstacles in this story and in general it's well constructed. Stone is no literary giant and his book is very much more appropriate for 4th - 6th graders. The wolves are VERY humanized and have very sophisticated thoughts and language, but if you can overlook your disbelief the message is beatiful. The book comes in at about 220 pages and has some lovely pencil drawings. As a child I loved this book so my fondness for it is based a lot in my childhood mememories of it.


Never to be a classic, and I believe Stone's only book, it's close to my heart and might be perfect for just the right child - or child at heart.

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