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Beauty - Sheri S Tepper

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This is the story ofBeauty the half mortal, half fairy daughter of a 14th century English duke. Yes you've guessed it she is the sleeping one and manages to escape using a magic cloak. She is captured by a 21st Century film crew and is taken to a world where magic is gone and the planet is destroyed. She escapes, and spends the rest of the story trying to change the fate of the planet to do this she visits imaginary countries, the land of Faery, the late 20th century (where she is raped. At the same time she is the mother of Cinderella, grandmother to Snow White and great grandmother to the Frog Prince

While this book can at times be a lecture the ideas contained in it were lovely and the turn on traditional fairy tales was very clever. For those of you who have read Wicked, it has similarities 3/5

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