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'Olicka Bolicka and Pink Bluebells' - Sheila Morgan

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This chronicles the move made by Ivy and Jim and their two daughters, Liz and Pauline from the South Wales coast to a mining village in the Rhondda. Its set during the Second World War. Their move is instigated by Jim, as hes worried about possible German bombing. Ivy his wife hates the move since she has to give up her new council house for a old terrace house. In the village they move to there are a number of colourful characters, including Ivy's Mum and Dad, the local doctor, Vera and Betsy-Ann to name a few. As the novel progresses Ivy settles in and starts to like the village. The family face lots of events some comic others tragic. The style is straightforward but effective, capturing the atmosphere well. There is lots of humour which helps move the novel forward.


The Olicka Bolicka part of the title refers to a childrens play rhyme, that apparently is Dutch in origin.


This is Sheila Morgan's debut novel and in my view is praiseworthy. She is a local (to me :D) author and I look forward to her next offering.

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