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'December' by Elizabeth H. Winthrop

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Not the time of year to read about snow, Xmas etc, but never mind.


Isabelle is 11 years old and hasn't spoken in months. Her parents can't understand why, there is no apparent reason, and have taken her to various experts to no avail. They are at their wits end. They keep thinking it is must be their fault but can't think what they have done to make her slip into this world of 'silence'. Isabelle loves to draw and they wonder if there is any clue in these and show them to the doctors. Wilson and Ruth wonder if a trip abroad to Africa may help bring back their little girl to them, taking a clue from one of her sketches of a lion.


The book trundles on with thoughts and conversations from each parent and others chapters from Isabelles point of view. I found the book a bit slow, but it did pick up a bit in the second half fortunately. I felt I wanted more out of the book but it was interesting enough to find out the outcome of this 'silence' and what the reason for it was

(but there wasn't really one!).

I was a bit disappointed in the ending and expected a bit more, but not sure what! Almost that the author had run out of ideas. However it was an easy read and I did feel frustrated for the parents in their attempts to understand and help Isabelle overcome her silence.



I wouldn't jump to recommend it, but wouldn't say don't read it either.



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This is on my 'bought but not yet read' list .. I think it might move further down the list after reading your review .. maybe to save for when I'm desperate.

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