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Linda Farstein

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Guest Anonymous

In the Tess Gerritsen thread I mentioned I had picked up 2 of Linda Farsteins' book too.


These are Cold Hit and Entombed.


Anyone have any thoughts on Linda Farsteins' work. Are there any books of hers you'd recommend? Have I bought right in the middle of a series again, LOL.


Thanks in advance.



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I love Linda Fairstien, she's one of my top 10 authors. Her books are similar in formula to Kathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell, except she deals with Sex Crimes instead of forensics.

She has the same 3 main characters throughout all her books, so really should ideally be read in order, but you don't have to, its just you get to see how they develop and interact with each other, if that makes sense. :D


The order is:


Final Jeopardy

Likely To Die

Cold Hit

The Deadhouse

The Bonevault

The Kills


Death Dance


So Tracey you have numbers 3 and 7 out of her series :wink:



Here's the link to her website http://www.lindafairstein.com/

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Her next book 'Bad Blood' is not out till January, so I'll be counting down the months till I get my hands on it.


Here's the blurb :wink:


Alexandra Cooper has a tough case to prosecute. Brendan Quillan, a wealthy businessman from the Upper East Side, has been charged with hiring an assassin to kill his wife, but the evidence is flimsy and the defendant has one of the most successful defence lawyers on his side. Then an explosion in one of the tunnels being built to secure Manhattan's water supply kills Quillan's brother, one of the construction workers. The blast isn't terrorism, it isn't an accident and it looks as though Duke Quillan was the target. And none of the team investigating the murder had come across any hint that Brendan had a brother, never mind one so far on the other side of the tracks. With another case to solve, Alex, together with Detectives Chapman and Mercer, discover that Quillan's upbringing is very different from what they'd assumed, and within the cupboard of his estranged family there are many skeletons, not all of them metaphorical. In a cliff-hanging whodunnit, Linda Fairstein takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through New York and deep beneath its streets, to a conclusion which is as surprising as it is frightening.

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