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Christian novels

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Clarissa by Samuel Richardson, which I am about 60% through, is not overtly Christian. I do not suppose it is like Pilgrim's Progress or Paradise Lost. Nevertheless, Clarissa Harlowe is a very Christian, young woman. Particularly when opposed to Robert Lovelace, who is such a cynical devil. I think there are a lot of men like him. The Brothers Karamazov was another very Christian book I thought. It contains a famous passage in which the intellectual but cynical middle brother, Ivan, relates a story in which Christ came back to Spain where he was arrested by the Inquisition and told he was not wanted. All the same, his younger brother, Alexei, is a very Christian man, and so was his mentor, Father Zosima. I am trying to think of other books like this, but I am struggling. Maybe Silas Marner. It seems there is a fair bit of religion in that.

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