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Occult Book Search - Sigil of Baphomet

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Hi all

I have just registered for this forum and wonder, if after lots of searching, someone can possibly help me.

When I was at school I had quite a morbid curiosity regarding the Occult.

I was into art and the creative lessons more than anything else.

Because of this, I use to be given double art :-) cool!!!!

One of my teachers in the art class must have spotted my 'subtle' interest in the occult art.

One day she presented me with a book, one I had never seen before and one that had an instant attraction for me.

It was a large book, approx. 3" x thick, x A4 ish with a hard backed black.

The book had a black matt covering and on the front cover it had the image of the Sigil of Baphomet

After about 10 years I gave this book to a then friend because I had an odd feeling about it. Not sure what or why but I gave it to my Metal Friend.

Now I have a very strong attraction to get it back.

Tonight, I have contacted him through social media and asked the question.

He might reply, he may not, either way I want a copy of this book again and I cannot find it on the internet.

I had a similar experience a few years after I gave this book away and I was able to find a copy on the internet, but now I can't even find a reference to it.


Andy help appreciated xx


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