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16 hours ago, muggle not said:

My vegetable garden is all planted:


4 Better Boy tomato plants, 4 Big Beef tomato plants, 1 Early Girl tomato plant, & 1 German Johnson tomato plant (a Heirloom)

2 Husky cherry tomato plants & 1 grape Tomato plant

2 Bell Pepper plants, 2 jalapeno Pepper plants, 1 Sweet Banana Pepper plant, & 1 Habanero Pepper plant

That’s exciting :lol:. I did love having our own tomatoes last year but we aren’t growing them this year because we’re not sure if Lilly would try to eat them (and apparently tomatoes are poisonous to dogs!). We did get a little (chest height) greenhouse type thing for Christmas though, so we’re growing three different chillies (jalapeño, lemon drop and chocolate habanero), as well as salad leaves in there. I also got a loganberry for my birthday but I’m not sure if we’ll get fruit from it this year! 

I can’t wait for strawberries. I have some strawberry plants coming back up from last year, so hopefully we’ll have plenty again :) 

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I don't really collect anything as such, although thinking about it, I do have a rather extensive collection of stationery; notebooks, journals, pens, pencils, page flags, post-it notes, stickers, washi tape, you name it, I've got it. I just cannot seem to resist a pretty notebook, even though I already have a large selection, most of which have never actually been used.


I also collect books...I do have a lot of them too. I've never actually counted them, or kept track of them, but I'm guessing I probably have over a thousand. I always find it difficult to give away or donate my books, even those I haven't particularly enjoyed. It's a real problem of mine!


With regard to hobbies, other than reading I don't really have any as such. I used to cross stitch, many moons ago, but haven't done so for a fair few years now. I do want to give adult colouring a go though and have a couple of books on standby. I've heard people say it's therapeutic and anything that can help me deal with my anxiety, which flares up now and again, I'm willing to give a go.

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I spent a lot of time colouring in when I was a child and I still do when I'm crafting. I also love all sorts of paper crafts so indulge in them from time to time. Between that and the reading - mostly paper books - I spend a lot of time handling paper, which I still think is a miraculous substance, and which keeps me happy. 


If I may suggest, for your anxiety Kudz, try sudoku or some other absorbing puzzle. Because you are concentrating on the puzzle you can't get anxious, that's the theory. During lockdown, we were advised to do jigsaw puzzles but had nowhere to put a physical one. I found an app and that, I guarantee, is very relaxing. 

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