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In a direct update to my last post here I did buy the mini hoops and on an evening when I was feeling a bit stressed and couldn’t focus on my book I made this:



It’s definitely not perfect (and I did regret deciding to use metallic thread because it’s so frustrating!) but I’m really quite happy with it. The hoops are different shapes and sizes, some are very small circles. If anybody has ideas for other (Christmas related) things I could try to embroider I’d love to hear them! Bear in mind that I’m new to this though :lol:

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15 hours ago, lunababymoonchild said:

That's very lovely, Hayley!


I can sew but it's not the craft for me (too much like chores, I had to take up my own hems as a youngster).

Thank you! It's something I really wish I was better at. I know what you mean about associating it with a chore, but it does feel very different embroidering a picture than it does repairing things (not that I can do much more repairing than sewing up a hole! I even just use wonder web for hems).



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This is what I've been making for the last two months. It's called Snaggletooth and the pattern is by Esme Crick/Red Sparrow Crochet. I'm going to line it and then decide whether it needs pom poms or tassels. For now I'm just glad that it's finished (it's for me). Did I mention that my other hobby is crochet? lolSnaggletooth1.thumb.jpg.2c02c44acbcf5c820b4e50ee96693119.jpg

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