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Paul's Reading List 2009

Recommended Posts

Grumpy Old Rock Star - Rick Wakeman (Started 2008)

Rock Family Trees - Pete Frame (Started 2008)

Krazy and Ignatz - Complete Sunday Strips 1925-1934 - George Herriman (Started 2008)

The Olivetti Chronicles - John Peel

Incredible Visual Illusions - Al Seckel

Making Money - Terry Pratchett

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

McSweeney's 29 - Dave Eggers (ed.)

Kill Your Friends - John Niven

Tricks Of The Mind - Derren Brown

The Darkest Part Of The Woods - Ramsey Campbell

Museum Of Lost Wonder - Jeff Hoke

McSweeney's 30 - Dave Eggers (ed.)

The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

Berlin - City Of Stones - Jason Lutes

Doom Patrol Vol.3: Down Paradise Way - Grant Morrison

Doom Patrol Vol.4: Muscle Bound - Grant Morrison

Doom Patrol Vol.5: Magic Bus - Grant Morrison

The Nasty Bits - Anthony Bourdain

Adventures On The High Teas - Stuart Maconie

Doom Patrol Vol.6: Planet Love - Grant Morrison

Krazy and Ignatz - Complete Sunday Strips 1935-1944 - George Herriman

Bit Of A Blur - Alex James

Footnote* - Boff Whalley

Ronnie: The Autobiography - Ronnie Wood

Bad Vibes - Luke Haines

McSweeney's 31 - Dave Eggers (ed.)

Anathem - Neal Stephenson

Coraline - Neil Gaiman

A Shadow On The Wall - Jonathan Aycliffe

Silent Children - Ramsey Campbell

Looking For Jake - China Mieville

Self-Made Man - Poppy Z. Brite

Un Lun Dun - China Mieville

The Haunted Looking-Glass - Ghost Stories chosen by Edward Gorey

Pact Of The Fathers - Ramsey Campbell

The Annotated Alice - Lewis Carroll (edited by Martin Gardner)

The Overnight - Ramsey Campbell

McSweeney's 32 - Dave Eggers (ed.)

The Last Voice They Hear - Ramsey Campbell

The Talisman - Jonathan Aycliffe

The Grin Of The Dark - Ramsey Campbell

The Devil In Amber - Mark Gatiss

Secret Stories - Ramsey Campbell

The Absolute Sandman Volume 1 - Neil Gaiman

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