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Hi all. 

Just wondering who the mods are on this dear board of ours. 

Looking at Janet's profile, she's a moderator but ain't logged in since 2017.

Seems odd. 

Not seen Frankie or the lady from Ireland whose name escapes me, for ages. 🤔

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The moderators are Athena, Nollaig (who I think is the lady from Ireland you're thinking of), Kylie and Janet. Obviously, as admin, I can moderate too. So can Michelle, actually, as you'll see if you go to her profile she still has admin status. 


You are right that Nollaig, Kylie and Janet haven't been here for a long time. There were a few members who never came back after Michelle announced that the forum would be closing. I try not to take it personally... but seriously, it is understandable. There were months where everyone was finding alternatives to the forum, not believing it would be around for long (me included!). And I know there were people who believed that the forum was on the verge of dying out anyway. Although I know that a lot of time has passed now and those moderators probably aren't ever coming back, it just never seemed like the right time to take that moderator status away from them. Maybe though, now that you've bought it up, now is the time. 


As far as active moderators go, Athena is absolutely brilliant and between us (and with the help of all your reports!) we have never come close to being overwhelmed by any issues. 


On the other hand, if anybody would like to volunteer to be a moderator it would be nice to have one or two more. The more of us there are, the better chance we have of picking up issues as they appear. Obviously I'd only be able to approve long term members who I trust, because moderators do have more power to change things on here, but the technical aspects are quite easy to pick up when you're familiar with the forum anyway. If anybody is thinking about it just send me a message :)


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