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Mike Gayle - Mr Commitment

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Well ive just finished reading Mr Commitment by Mike Gayle, fantastic

book loads of belly laughs and touching statements about life in



This book isnt one of mine and probably wouldnt be something I would

have chosen off the shelf in a library.


Andy has a few books by the Author Mike Gayle and Mr commitment was

the third book I had read by this author.


I have had mixed reads with the other two books, Turning Thirty was

excellent and I really enjoyed it yet My legendary girlfriend I

found a bit tedious, so I went for two out of three and plumped for

Mr commitiment


It was an excellent read, loads of belly laughs, not many books make

me laugh out loud, but this one did several times.


The story centres round a guy called Duffy who is in a long term

relationship that his girlfriend would like to take one step further.

But it aint his style, in his own little way he still thinks he is a

teengaer and had trouble settiling down and getting grips with the

idea of dinner partys and trips to IKEA.


An ultimatum of all or nothing throws his life into turmoil, what

would it take for him to become Mr commitment????


Full of acute observations about life, growing up and settling down.


Not my usual genre for a read but it was good and I would recommend

it as a good read.


Lou x

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